March 14, 2023

5 Classic Cocktails to Try in Silverthorne CO

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5 Classic Cocktails

After a day exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a delicious cocktail. And when paired with the perfect setting, it’s the perfect way to end your day. 

Here in Silverthorne, our craft cocktail scene is alive and well. There are a few classic drinks that you must try while you’re in town! Read on to see our full list of classic cocktails and where to get them when you are in Silverthorne!

The 5 Classic Cocktails You Must Try In Silverthorne, CO

1. The Old-Fashioned

The old-fashioned cocktail is the original classic cocktail. It’s a whiskey-based drink typically made with bourbon or rye, sugar, bitters, and sometimes a citrus zest. This classic is sure to hit the spot after a long day exploring the area. Made with top-shelf spirits, our version is sure to be a hit.

2. The Manhattan

The manhattan is a whiskey-based cocktail that’s been around since the late 1800s. It’s made with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. A favorite ode to the classic Manhattan includes adding a cherry for garnish. You can make your own with our recipe and give it a unique spin.

3. The Sazerac

The Sazerac is a classic New Orleans cocktail that dates back to the 1800s. And if you really want to impress your friends, you can make it with an absinthe rinse. 

A favorite of skilled cocktail connoisseurs, it combines one and a half ounces of rye whiskey with four or five dashes of Peychaud’s bitters. Then throw in one teaspoon of simple syrup, and a dash of absinthe, and top it off with a lemon twist before stirring. 

4. The Sidecar

The Sidecar is a classic cocktail that dates back to the 1920s. It’s made by combining two ounces of brandy or Cognac, one ounce of fresh lemon juice, and three-quarters of an ounce of triple sec. If you aren’t sure how to make one on your own, stop by your local cocktail artist!

To make it even more special, you can rim the glass with sugar before pouring in the mix of brandy and triple sec.

5. Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is a famous gin cocktail that’s sure to be a hit at any party. To make it, combine two ounces of gin with one ounce each of fresh lemon juice and simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into an ice-filled Collins glass. You can even spice it up wit ha splash of soda and a maraschino cherry. Cheers!

BONUS COCKTAIL: 6. The French 75 

The French 75 is another classic cocktail that dates back to World War I. Combine two ounces of gin, one-quarter ounce of simple syrup, two dashes of Angostura bitters, and a one-quarter ounce of fresh lemon juice in a shaker filled with ice. Top off with champagne or sparkling wine and garnish with a lemon twist. Enjoy!

Find Your Favorite Cocktail (Or Glass of Wine!) at Timberline Craft Kitchen and Cocktails

Cocktails make the perfect wind-down to a busy day, and here at Timberline Craft Kitchen and Cocktails, we have a full selection of all your favorites. Whether you are looking for a classic martini or something new and inventive, our bartenders have you covered. 

We also have an extensive wine list featuring wines from around the world, perfectly paired with whatever you’re craving. From a tasteful chardonnay to a pinot noir, you’re sure to find something special at Timberline.

Stop by today and let our bartenders create the perfect drink for you! We can’t wait to see you in Silverthorne soon.

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