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There’s nothing quite like walking into a great cocktail bar. 

The moment you step inside, you can feel the energy in the air. The warm lighting casts a welcoming glow on the rustic wooden surfaces and comfy bar stools. Shelves are artfully stacked with glistening bottles and glasses. You overhear a bartender explaining the nuances of an exotic spirit to an eager patron. 

With just a simple look around, you know you’ve found your new favorite hangout.

But what exactly makes the difference between an average cocktail bar and an exceptional one? At Timberline Craft Kitchen + Cocktails, we’ve thought a lot about what elevates the cocktail experience. 

And while all tastes differ, the truly great cocktail bars have some key elements in common. Over the years, we’ve identified the main ingredients that make a cocktail bar stand out.

Setting the Scene – The Importance of Ambiance

One of the most critical components distinguishing an average cocktail bar from an outstanding one is the ambiance. The setting and environment set the tone for the entire experience. 

The best cocktail bars pay close attention to crafting an inviting, warm, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere – something that helps you let your guard down and truly enjoy yourself for the night (or for brunch!)

While some spots opt for a stainless steel, bright, modern look, others may go for a more relaxed and comfortable style. There’s also the atmosphere of the people – a great bartender can make all the difference in setting an inclusive tone that makes everyone feel welcome.

Here at Timberline Craft Kitchen, we’ve opted for an unforgettable cabin vibe that complements the slopes with an air of elegance. Our carefully crafted cocktails are meant to invoke a cozy, relaxed atmosphere – and we also strive to provide the very best in customer service.

The Mixology Matters

Of course, an excellent atmosphere is nothing without excellent mixology. The best cocktail bars strive to go beyond the basics and craft drinks that are imaginative, creative, and deliciously surprising.

Yes, there’s a time and place for an old-fashioned or whiskey sour – but many more ambitious and experimental spots have taken the art of mixology to a whole new level. From innovative cocktails made with unusual spices and herbs to fresh, seasonal ingredients, great bars are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a cocktail can be.

Our award-winning Tree Line Bloody Marys are a local favorite – and our bartenders know how to whip up an impressive variety of drinks that cater to a range of tastes. That’s how we make sure your drinks are just as special as the night.

Who’s The Boss?

The patrons bring the personality, but it’s the staff at a cocktail bar who really make or break the atmosphere. A knowledgeable bartender can be the difference between a good night and an unforgettable experience – after all, it’s their expertise that can make any drink special.

The mixologist – and everyone else on the floor – should have a keen understanding of the drinks they serve, along with a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether it’s suggesting a perfect nightcap or inventing something unique on-the-spot, great bartenders are worth their weight in gold.

The Hours Make the Difference

Have you ever stumbled onto an interesting bar or pub, only to find they are only open during specific hours? Not only is this disappointing, but it’s also a major detraction from the overall experience.

A great bar serves up drinks when you want them – or at least most of the time. While there may be some blackout dates and peak times, having access to a great drink whenever you need one is key to creating an unforgettable atmosphere. 

At Timberline Craft Kitchen and Cocktails, our cocktail bar slings drinks from brunch until happy hour – and even later on select nights. We know that there are different strokes for different folks, and this is why we offer a variety of options so everyone can enjoy themselves.

It’s About The Community

A truly impactful cocktail bar will take the focus off of just getting drinks and instead make it about the community. Being able to connect with people over a nice drink is one of life’s greatest pleasures, after all.

Here at Timberline Craft Kitchen, our heart beats in sync with the vibrant pulse of Silverthorne. Our dedication to community engagement is a cornerstone of our ethos, not just as a business but as neighbors and friends. We’re not just a venue for evenings out; we’re a community hub. Local clubs, organizations, and non-profits find a welcoming space within our walls for their meetings and events.

We believe in giving back to the community that has embraced us. Opening our doors to these groups is our gesture of gratitude and our investment in the community’s future. After all, we’re more than a business in the mountains; we’re part of its vibrant life. 

See Why Timberline Craft Kitchen + Cocktails is Silverthorne’s Favorite Cocktail Bar.

When finding a one-of-a-kid bar experience, you need that perfect combination of atmosphere, drinks, and service. That’s something that Timberline Craft Kitchen prides itself on – creating the perfect combination so you can enjoy your night out without worrying about a major detraction from the overall experience.

So come in for brunch, happy hour, or late-night drinks! We guarantee that you won’t find a better cocktail bar anywhere else. 

Let our team show you why we’ve been the go-to spot for Silverthorne locals and visitors alike. With a wide selection of craft cocktails, plus beer, wine, and other drinks to choose from – no matter your preference, you’ll find something that suits your tastes.

See you soon!